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Recipe no. 2: Scrambled Eggs, it’s all in the Technique

When it comes to scrambled eggs, passions stir and battles rage over the proper technique. Some like eggs loose, wet and well … somewhat mushy. Others believe in eggs that are fluffy but firm. For me, I prefer my eggs well done, though not too dry.

Take for example the technique of the amazing Ina Garten – aka the Barefoot Contessa – as celebrated in this post at Eatocracy. Reading the post will only take a few minutes, mind you properly following the cooking instructions will take near to 30 minutes to create the perfect scrambled eggs … ‘slow and steady wins the race’ indeed!

Now take a look at, obviously this cook knows a thing or two about eggs! According to Mr Breakfast, the perfect scrambled eggs lies in the whisking technique, note scientific illustrations below.

Image: Whisking Motion via

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Do you have a technique for the perfect scrambled eggs?