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Count Your Eggs!

We speak to lots of folks who keep chickens and the degree to which flock owners’ track flock productivity varies wildly. Some flock owners track productivity mentally, taking note of things like egg count, color and size. Others we speak to go all out and create complex spreadsheets to track things like time of day laid, size, weight and location of each egg laid for each bird!

Keeping a record of your flocks’ egg production and laying habits is actually an important part of raising healthy birds. At a minimum, it is important to keep a record of the amount of eggs laid, preferably daily. As pointed out at “Poultry can stop laying and if you know the dates that this occurs it allows you to track any changes that may have occurred such as change in feed, weather, housing, lighting or the introduction of new birds which may all effect the egg laying of poultry.”

For us at Eggzy, we also believe in the many benefits of small-scale entrepreneurship that selling your eggs can enable. What Patricia Forman calls the Home Eggri-business. By tracking how many eggs you are getting from your flock today, you can determine how much you can expect to get tomorrow and next month and so on.

Why is it so important to track your flock productivity?

  • Helps to identify disease or illness
  • Helps to compare breed productivity – which birds are better layers
  • Allows you to project how much you can sell and as such earn from eggs sales
  • Helps to determine your return on investment from the birds

When you use Eggzy to track your flock production you’re accomplishing two things at once;

  1. You’re capturing important flock behavioral habits and gathering important information that will help you to manage your flock.
  2. You’re sharing your flock info with others who are interested in any surplus that you may have to sell.

Do you count your eggs?

Featured Flock Owner: Home Girls

Member Name: Stephen Price
Join Date: October 13, 2011
Egg Stand: “Home Girls” of Riverview, FL 33569

If you’ve ever been to our feedback page then you are sure to be familiar with Stephen. Hands down, he is our most active and vocal member, and we are all the better for his participation. Make sure to watch the video and read the full article, he’s an interesting person with a lot to say. Thanks for all your help Stephen!

Eggzy: Why do you use Eggzy?
Home Girls: Basically I am kind of fanatical about record keeping and was searching for the best method of tracking my chickens and their performance. I found Eggzy through a Google search and liked the beta version that was being offered. I have made many suggestions for software improvements and much to my surprise most of them have been accepted and implemented. I also use Excel for some other data tracking. Ask me a question about my girls and between Eggzy and my Excel data I can answer most anything. Just don’t ask which girl laid which egg. LOL The marketing aspect of Eggzy was a plus and has proven to be the most beneficial part of the site.

Eggzy: Tell us something about yourself?
Home Girls: I am retired from Lockheed Martin and currently teach “Armed Security Officers” ( here in Florida. Living on a 4 acre piece of land has allowed me to explore some less citified adventures. Along with the chickens, we are currently raising bees, rabbits and generally a nice garden. This year I failed at the garden. I guess I was concentrating too much on other endeavors and not nearly enough on tilling and planting the good earth. We will have a nice harvest of honey this fall though.

I have also been designing a new electronic system to help myself and others as they start and expand their own flocks. I hope to have a shippable product late this summer or early fall. I am sure that even if a flock owner does not obtain a device for themselves they will be able to easily see the advantages the system will provide. Keep an eye open for the initial release of my product right here on