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Happy Valentine’s Day From Eggzy

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Recipe no 8: Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are easy, fast, delicious and bite sized. They are great for lunch, snacks, appetizers and parties; and like the classic egg salad, deviled eggs can be made dead simple or gussied up with personal style and/or cultural flair. In all honesty, I’ve never met a deviled egg I didn’t like.

The basic recipe for deviled eggs is simple, here are the main ingredients:

  • Farm fresh eggs
  • Favorite brand mayonnaise
  • Mustard (I prefer Colman’s Dry Mustard)
  • Salt & pepper


Listed below of some of the more interesting variations of deviled egg recipes that I’ve found. Try a few and tell us what you think.



Chick Pics

No, not those kinds of chicks, we’re talking about the cute feathery kind …

If you have a Flickr account, add your photos to our Eggzy group pool to see your flock on Eggzy’s homepage. All photos in the Eggzy photo group take turn showing up on the homepage, which means everyone coming to the site can see your amazingly beautiful and awesome flock. Really.

And while you’re at it, how about adding those same flock photos to your egg stand? Doing this is relatively easy and painless to do and adding photos of your birds to your egg stand helps others identify with your flock – here’s a link to our help page that tells you how.

Eggzy Blog Photo Gallery & Flickr Group

Today we’re unveiling our new Photo Gallery that displays photos from the Eggzy Flickr Group. These are the same photos that are shown on the homepage, and were posted by fellow Eggzy members. We’d like to invite you to share your photos as well—photos of your birds, your flock, your coop and your eggs!

Participating is easy— just go to Flickr and search for ‘Eggzy’ under ‘Groups’. Once you find the group, select the ‘Join” option and the rest is easy as pie… or maybe quiche.

When you share your photos with the Eggzy Group, they’re still your photos. We’ll promote them, rotating through them on the Eggzy Home Page and possibly including them in articles, or across the site as examples, giving you and your flock full credit.

For instance, the photos above all belong to the Eggzy Flickr Group and were tagged with the word ‘eggs’. If you join the Eggzy Group and tag your photos with the word ‘eggs’, they too will show up on this post—really, try it and and see. Moving forward, we’ll be doing articles about all sorts of  things, particular breeds, coops, you name it. So be sure to tag all your photos with descriptive terms like; eggs, coop, rooster, hen, Ameracauna, Rhode Island Red, etc. We’ll keep an eye out for the most interesting combinations and get posting.