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Supplemental Daylight Calculator

Generally speaking, there are many factors affecting the egg laying rate of a bird; the age of the bird, it’s care and housing conditions, and whether or not it gets free range to run outdoors; remember a happy hen is a productive hen.

On of  the main determinants of a bird’s year round productivity is its breed. The breed of the bird will help to identify strong layers vs. say, show birds or dual-purpose birds. In addition to relying on hereditary traits for optimal productivity, many people supplement the amount of light their birds get with artificial lights in order to stimulate production.

For your convenience, we created this Supplemental Daylight Calculator, just enter your zip code and it will calculate and recommend how many hours of supplemental light you should apply based on the day length at your latitude.

Eggzy’s Supplemental Daylight Calculator

Give it a try and let us know what you think.