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Flock Owners: 10 Ways to Grow Your Egg Stand Audience

Welcome to February! Before you know it spring will be here and your flock will return to full egg-laying production. With that in mind, the team at Eggzy wanted to share some ideas for flock owners who want to grow their subscriber base. Some of the ideas listed here are suggestions made by other Eggzy users, while others are ideas based on usage patterns from site traffic and trends.

For our part, we will continue to seek promotional opportunities with national outlets, online and offline, in print and other forms of media. National coverage helps to drive interests across all Eggzy markets and it also brings new users looking for local eggs.

Now, for our top 10 suggestions to help flock owners who want to build an audience for their Eggzy egg stands:

  1. Do a zip code search for your flock in the egg stands section of Eggzy. How does it look on the results page, does it stand out from other flocks? Do you have an avatar or just the generic gray outline?
  2. Keep your egg stand current; post eggs regularly to indicate availability.
  3. Write customer-friendly information about your flock in the flock description field. Let visitors know how your flock is kept, such as what they are fed (organic hails a premium price) and how they are housed, pastured raised or not.
  4. Remember Eggzy’s tag line is ‘Know Your Food” – honesty and transparency helps to make connections and build trust with your subscribers.
  5. Presentation is key, include photos of your flock and your eggs on your egg stand; people want to see the birds that make the eggs and the actual eggs themselves, so show your product! (See Dew Drop Farm and Poultry egg stand)
  6. Link to your egg stand from your other online forums. Use Eggzy badges on your Facebook page, blogs and other websites to send people directly to your egg stand.
  7. Use your egg stand QR code on egg labels or printed materials so that folks can easily scan and save flock info while on the go.
  8. Whether you share, sell or barter, let people know when you have extra eggs . Send emails to subscribers or do what you can do to get the word out when eggs are available.
  9. Promote your flock information locally; Eggzy is a national network of local flock owners. Use services such as Craigslist to promote your flock in your city/town/market. Individual flock owners can post egg stand information for free.
  10. WHAT ELSE? As always, we want to hear from you, so please email us or post a comment with other good ideas we might have missed.