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Celebrate Bird Health Awareness Week with Eggzy

Did you know that egg production is a sign of backyard chicken health? It’s true; the healthier the flock, the better the egg production (and the tastier the eggs!).

This week, February 24-March 2, is Bird Health Awareness Week, and the USDA’s Animal Plant Health and Inspection Service (APHIS) is presenting its free “Growing Chicks Into Healthy Chickens: Getting Ready for Spring” webinar this Thursday, February 28th at 2:00 pm EST.

Whether you’re considering starting a flock for the first time, are an experienced keeper, or a backyard egg connoissuer, check out the webinar, or the USDA Bird Health Awareness Week blog post, for great tips on backyard flock heath and safety. Spring’s just around the corner and it’s time to get to know your food!

And, of course, check out to find or list your fresh backyard eggs and track your flock’s production.

Percy Schmeiser: David versus Monsanto

Thanks to Joseph Heckman for forwarding this event along. You can RSVP at Food Day.

A Film about One Farmer’s Fight to Protect the Rights of All Farmers

Monday, October 24
6:45pm to 8:45pm
Princeton Public Library

The Whole Earth Center and the Princeton Public Library will host a screening of David versus Monsanto—the story of a Canadian farmer’s battle with Monsanto over his right to save seed and to protect his land against genetic trespass. This film follows Percy Schmeiser’s story from his farm fields in rural Canada all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court. The bittersweet story shows what happens when one individual dares to confront a powerful multinational corporation.

OCTOBER 24 IS FOOD DAY In celebration, there will be a tasting of Cherry Grove Farm cheese and Witherspoon Bread Company bread before the film (6:45pm to 7:10pm); free organic popcorn during the screening (7:15pm to 8:15pm). After the film there will be free ice cream from our friends at bent spoon artisan ice cream!

2011 Smallholding Festival Resources

Local Fresh Eggs, Hatching Eggs, Day-old Chicks and Started Birds

Tukswitt Farm
Fresh local eggs and Buckeye, Delaware, and White Chantecler hatching eggs, day-old chicks and started birds.

Slacks Hen House
Fresh local eggs, hatching eggs, day-old chicks, and started birds.

Holcombe Fluffs
Fresh local eggs.

Mon Reve Farm
Fresh local chicken and duck eggs.

Moyers Chicks
Hatching eggs, day-old chicks and started birds.

More Sources Here…
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Local Groups

Henpecked – Yahoo Group
A group of chicken fanciers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A place to ask advice, swap chickens, share stories and make new friends.

Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia
A cooperative of chicken owners living in the greater Philadelphia region. We purchase feed together, we share chicken stories together. We gather to have fun and enjoy pot-luck dinners.

The Trenton Backyard Poultry Meetup Group
A local Meetup Group for people who have small backyard flocks of chickens for pets, eggs, and meat.

Just Food City Chicken Meetup Group
Meet other NYC chicken enthusiasts! Come together to explore chicken coops, attend workshops, share information and resources and celebrate city chickens. This group is for the beginner and experienced alike.


Getting Started

Small Scale Egg Production in Pennsylvania

Getting the Most Out of Eggzy

Food Safety Regulations for Small-Scale Egg Producers

Eggzy at the Canal House Smallholding Festival

Got a backyard flock in SE Pennsylvania? Time to gussy up your Eggzy Egg Stand. We’re honored to be participating in the First Annual Smallholding Festival presented by Canal House here in Bucks County, PA. We’ll be talking about getting a flock up and running and promoting Eggzy Egg Stands in the area. The event takes place Saturday, July 9, 11-3 at Lindon Hill Gardens in Bucks County, details at Flockowners check out our post on getting the most out of your Egg Stand.