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New Feature: ‘Last Updated’

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Well, you asked for it and we’ve added it, introducing the ‘update indicator’. Very simply, it’s the date of the last update made to an egg stand by it’s flock owner. There are two places where this information can now be found.

First, there’s the Egg Stand listing page,  just click on the ‘Egg Stand’ menu item and you’ll be taken to the egg stand page. You’ll see that this list is now sorted chronologically with the most recently updated egg stands at the very top.

The second place you’ll find this information is on each individual egg stand page. Just click into an egg stand, and you’ll now see the term ‘Last Updated’ under the ‘Eggs’ section. That date tells the prospective customer the last time that flock and egg data was posted.

This information is helpful in two ways; first, it helps a user who is searching for eggs in their area to identify active flocks. Second, this information is important to know to ensure the freshest eggs possible, it’s a part of the transparency of food that we’re all seeking.

Please take a look when you have a chance and tell us what you think. We really do appreciate hearing from our members, your feedback helps to inform and guide us.

Eggzy Team

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