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New Feature: Contacts & Customized Alerts

We’ve added the ability to make direct contact between flock owners and non-flock owners; now registered members can initiate contact with an egg stand owner in pursuit of local, fresh eggs.

How Eggzy Contacts works:

  1. Log into Eggzy (only registered members can initiate contact).
  2. Search for flock owners near to you (try using the homepage map or search box, or search by zip code on the egg stand hub page).
  3. Find the Eggs section of the desired egg stand and look for the link to ‘Request alerts and info‘!

Once the request is sent, the flock owner will receive two messages from Eggzy; one message will go to their Eggzy message box and another direct to their email. If the flock owner accepts the request, your email address will be shared with the flock owner and added their Contacts list.

Keep in mind that we are only submitting a request; it is up to the flock owner to accept or deny each request. If approved, flock owners will gain access to member’s emails and members will gain access to egg availability information including pickup and/or delivery options.

Please note: Subscribers are now Contacts

The ability to Subscribe to a flock and/or egg stand has been replaced with Contacts. All your Subscribers are now in your contacts list. Contacts is within the Messages section of each members hub. Included in this change is the ability to send one or all contacts on your list a custom email alert.

We will be detailing the new Contacts feature in the Help section, in the meantime, please contact us with any questions, bug reports or suggestions that you may have.

We appreciate hearing from our members, your feedback helps to inform and guide us.

Eggzy Team