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Chicken Scratch

While last week’s blog post had us pondering the intelligence of chickens and their ability to communicate, this week we’re pondering the cleverness of you and your knowledge of chicken terminology.

Let’s face it, chicken talk can be a little confusing; for example, why is it called scratch, when it’s food that they eat? Just how many names are there for female chickens anyway, and is the term chick sexing meant to make me blush?!

So we decided to compile a list of terms that we’ve found useful when needing to communicating about our birds, especially with other flock owners and/or industry folks. We turned this list into a set of fun flash cards – just click on each chicken related word to see the definition of that word.

Once you review all 13 cards, test your new (or renewed) knowledge by choosing a study mode option from the pull down menu below the flash cards. Have fun!



Park Pollard Co. vintage sign was found at this eBay shop

Bird Brain – Chicken Intelligence

Bird vocalizations includes both bird calls and bird songs. According to recent discoveries, scientists have identified and cataloged over 25 distinct calls that chickens make to each other.

And while the chicken calls might not be as melodious or complex as the songs of other birds, these calls signify a greater chicken intelligence than previously understood by bird scientists, or human scientists for that matter. ‘-)

Below is a video featuring animal behaviorist Jonathan Balcombe speaking about the little-known natural intelligence of chickens. But for those of us with a flock of our own, we already know just how clever those girls are, don’t we?

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Happy Valentine’s Day From Eggzy

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Recipe no 8: Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are easy, fast, delicious and bite sized. They are great for lunch, snacks, appetizers and parties; and like the classic egg salad, deviled eggs can be made dead simple or gussied up with personal style and/or cultural flair. In all honesty, I’ve never met a deviled egg I didn’t like.

The basic recipe for deviled eggs is simple, here are the main ingredients:

  • Farm fresh eggs
  • Favorite brand mayonnaise
  • Mustard (I prefer Colman’s Dry Mustard)
  • Salt & pepper


Listed below of some of the more interesting variations of deviled egg recipes that I’ve found. Try a few and tell us what you think.