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Is Eating Raw Eggs Healthy, Or Safe?

As I searched my recipe archive for an Eggzy recipe idea, I came across a dish that calls for a poached egg… hmmm. Now I must admit, I’m not a runny yolk kind of person, but personal taste aside, is it even safe to eat eggs which have not been fully cooked?

Are raw eggs healthier than cooked eggs?
Some folks believe that raw eggs are more nutritious than cooked ones, this seems to be a common belief among bodybuilders, in particular, who want to build muscle mass ASAP, and view the raw egg as Mother Nature’s shot glass of protein. According to, Charles Atlas himself  “was a big fan of eating raw eggs, and included them in his diet recommendations.”

Answer Fitness goes on to cite a 1997 study published in The Journal of Nutrition, stating that ‘the protein in cooked eggs was actually 40% more bio-available to the body than when uncooked.’ Take a look at the research yourself; it’s dense but interesting, “… we demonstrated that the assimilation of cooked egg protein is efficient, albeit incomplete, and that the true ileal digestibility of egg protein is significantly enhanced by heat-pretreatment.” Got it?

With the current frequency of food borne illness and salmonella outbreaks, it seems that erring on the side of caution isn’t such a ridiculous thing to suggest.

Practical Advice
Get the freshest eggs you can, try finding someone you know with a flock or someone local to you – preferably but not necessarily organic or pastured – then you’ll have less to worry about. Experts advise people to store eggs in the refrigerator at or below 45 degrees and to use them within 30 days of packing date. Cook them thoroughly—the USDA recommends Egg dishes (casseroles) be cooked to a temperature of 160 °F.

For more info on Egg Safety, try these resources:

Egg Safety Center

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service: Salmonella Questions and Answers

More resources on Eggzy


Eggzy Blog Photo Gallery & Flickr Group

Today we’re unveiling our new Photo Gallery that displays photos from the Eggzy Flickr Group. These are the same photos that are shown on the homepage, and were posted by fellow Eggzy members. We’d like to invite you to share your photos as well—photos of your birds, your flock, your coop and your eggs!

Participating is easy— just go to Flickr and search for ‘Eggzy’ under ‘Groups’. Once you find the group, select the ‘Join” option and the rest is easy as pie… or maybe quiche.

When you share your photos with the Eggzy Group, they’re still your photos. We’ll promote them, rotating through them on the Eggzy Home Page and possibly including them in articles, or across the site as examples, giving you and your flock full credit.

For instance, the photos above all belong to the Eggzy Flickr Group and were tagged with the word ‘eggs’. If you join the Eggzy Group and tag your photos with the word ‘eggs’, they too will show up on this post—really, try it and and see. Moving forward, we’ll be doing articles about all sorts of  things, particular breeds, coops, you name it. So be sure to tag all your photos with descriptive terms like; eggs, coop, rooster, hen, Ameracauna, Rhode Island Red, etc. We’ll keep an eye out for the most interesting combinations and get posting.

Percy Schmeiser: David versus Monsanto

Thanks to Joseph Heckman for forwarding this event along. You can RSVP at Food Day.

A Film about One Farmer’s Fight to Protect the Rights of All Farmers

Monday, October 24
6:45pm to 8:45pm
Princeton Public Library

The Whole Earth Center and the Princeton Public Library will host a screening of David versus Monsanto—the story of a Canadian farmer’s battle with Monsanto over his right to save seed and to protect his land against genetic trespass. This film follows Percy Schmeiser’s story from his farm fields in rural Canada all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court. The bittersweet story shows what happens when one individual dares to confront a powerful multinational corporation.

OCTOBER 24 IS FOOD DAY In celebration, there will be a tasting of Cherry Grove Farm cheese and Witherspoon Bread Company bread before the film (6:45pm to 7:10pm); free organic popcorn during the screening (7:15pm to 8:15pm). After the film there will be free ice cream from our friends at bent spoon artisan ice cream!

Faster access to eggs and other great feedback

A week or so ago, an Eggzy flock owner suggested we make it easier to add eggs – it’s the feature he uses most often but it takes a few clicks to get to it. We took a look and you know what? He was right. So we moved some menu items around, and as of a couple of days ago, it now takes one click to get to the “add eggs” screen from your profile page.

default profile page for flockowners

This is just one example of some of the great feedback we get from you, our users. And we couldn’t be more appreciative. Our goal is to make using Eggzy as useful and enjoyable an experience as possible, but we’re a (really) small team and can use all the feedback we can get. Whether you’ve got an idea for making things more useful, have uncovered a bug, or have a simple question, please let us know. We’ve updated our user feedback tools to make it even easier, just click on the orange “Feedback” tab to the right of the page and drop us a line. You can even vote on other people’s suggestions to second what’s most important to you.

Eggzy Feedback Tab

Thanks again for the great feedback,
The Eggzy Team