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Recipe no. 2: Scrambled Eggs, it’s all in the Technique

When it comes to scrambled eggs, passions stir and battles rage over the proper technique. Some like eggs loose, wet and well … somewhat mushy. Others believe in eggs that are fluffy but firm. For me, I prefer my eggs well done, though not too dry.

Take for example the technique of the amazing Ina Garten – aka the Barefoot Contessa – as celebrated in this post at Eatocracy. Reading the post will only take a few minutes, mind you properly following the cooking instructions will take near to 30 minutes to create the perfect scrambled eggs … ‘slow and steady wins the race’ indeed!

Now take a look at, obviously this cook knows a thing or two about eggs! According to Mr Breakfast, the perfect scrambled eggs lies in the whisking technique, note scientific illustrations below.

Image: Whisking Motion via

Recipes to try:
Roasted Asparagus with Scrambled Eggs
Spaghetti and scrambled eggs
Chorizo and Eggs

Do you have a technique for the perfect scrambled eggs?


2011 Smallholding Festival Resources

Local Fresh Eggs, Hatching Eggs, Day-old Chicks and Started Birds

Tukswitt Farm
Fresh local eggs and Buckeye, Delaware, and White Chantecler hatching eggs, day-old chicks and started birds.

Slacks Hen House
Fresh local eggs, hatching eggs, day-old chicks, and started birds.

Holcombe Fluffs
Fresh local eggs.

Mon Reve Farm
Fresh local chicken and duck eggs.

Moyers Chicks
Hatching eggs, day-old chicks and started birds.

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Local Groups

Henpecked – Yahoo Group
A group of chicken fanciers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A place to ask advice, swap chickens, share stories and make new friends.

Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia
A cooperative of chicken owners living in the greater Philadelphia region. We purchase feed together, we share chicken stories together. We gather to have fun and enjoy pot-luck dinners.

The Trenton Backyard Poultry Meetup Group
A local Meetup Group for people who have small backyard flocks of chickens for pets, eggs, and meat.

Just Food City Chicken Meetup Group
Meet other NYC chicken enthusiasts! Come together to explore chicken coops, attend workshops, share information and resources and celebrate city chickens. This group is for the beginner and experienced alike.


Getting Started

Small Scale Egg Production in Pennsylvania

Getting the Most Out of Eggzy

Food Safety Regulations for Small-Scale Egg Producers

Eggzy at the Canal House Smallholding Festival

Got a backyard flock in SE Pennsylvania? Time to gussy up your Eggzy Egg Stand. We’re honored to be participating in the First Annual Smallholding Festival presented by Canal House here in Bucks County, PA. We’ll be talking about getting a flock up and running and promoting Eggzy Egg Stands in the area. The event takes place Saturday, July 9, 11-3 at Lindon Hill Gardens in Bucks County, details at Flockowners check out our post on getting the most out of your Egg Stand.