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Selling Your Farm-Fresh Eggs

Small and backyard flock owners may find it worthwhile to sell surplus eggs directly to consumers, restaurants, specialty food stores and/or retailers. Whether your eggs are organic, free range, cruelty free, colored or simply ‘local’, demand is growing for niche market eggs.

Flock owners can distribute their eggs in two ways;

  1. Selling wholesale to retailers
  2. Selling retail, direct to consumers

Deciding what’s right you;

  • Fact: Direct to consumer is best for those with smaller flocks
  • Pro: Direct to consumer offers greater opportunity for maximum market price
  • Con: Direct to consumer means one-to-one distribution
  • Fact: Wholesale demands greater volume of eggs on a regular basis
  • Pro: Wholesale means lower price per unit but higher volume of sales
  • Con: Wholesale may require more paper-work and legal agreements

While backyard chicken operations do not need to be certified or eggs pasturized, there area a few things to keep in mind before you hang your shingle:

  • The first step should be to contact your local agricultural board for quality assurance guidelines.
  • Start with new egg cartons and do not to reuse them unless they are your own, others can transmit disease.
  • Collect fresh eggs daily to keep your hens from going broody or trying to hatch the eggs. 
  • Get your Eggzy Flock Tools and set up your Egg Stand to message your friends when egg are available! ‘-)

Eggzy now available in Canada

Canada Flag

Since launching late last year, we’ve received numerous requests for Eggzy in other countries. We’re very happy to announce that Eggzy now supports backyard flocks in Canada, so our neighbors to the North can now get access to fresh local eggs in their own Postal Codes as well.

We’re continuing to explore supporting other countries and will let you know when more are added.

Pastured Poultry Presentation at 6/14/11 NOFA-NJ Twilight Meeting

Soil fertility expert Dr. Joseph Heckman will be presenting “Pastured Poultry: Soil fertility, Health benefits, and Grass Mixtures” this Tuesday evening, June 14 at NOFA-NJ’s Twilight Meeting. More details on their website at

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