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Link your [whatever] to Your Eggzy Egg Stand

We’re very happy to announce our new Eggzy Quick Response (QR) Code badges. These new badges let you link your egg cartons, business cards, post cards – whatever you’d like – to your Eggzy Egg Stand. Wherever you stick ‘em, your subscribers will be able to scan them with their iPhone, Android or other smart phone and go straight to your Egg Stand!

How’s it work? Just log in to your Eggzy flock tools and click on ‘Manage Flock’ and then ‘Badges’. The new Eggzy QR Code badge is the first badge listed.

Eggzy QR Code Badge on Eggzy Flock Tools screenTo save your Eggzy QR Code to your computer, just right-click¬† (PC) or click and hold (Mac) on the QR Code image to save it to your computer. You can then re-size it and print it on pretty much anything you like. At our house, we’ve been using them on our date labels for our egg cartons. We pre-print a stack of date labels and then stamp the current date when we start a new carton.

Eggzy QR Code on Egg Carton Label

Now, our subscribers can scan our egg cartons with their iPhone, Android or other smart phone and jump right to our Egg Stand to check availability, pickup/delivery schedule, etc.

Eggzy Egg Stand on iPhone

We’ll be posting again soon with more uses for your Eggzy QR Code badge. In the meantime, have fun experimenting or check out these QR Code¬† links for more info and ideas:

Wikipedia entry for QR Codes

What Business Card? Just Scan My QR Code

How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business


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