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Facebook, Twitter & Flickr, Oh My!

You may have noticed we’ve added a few icons to Eggzy recently. They’re links to our Facebook, Twitter, and new Flickr Group pages, and to our News Feed from the Eggzy Blog.

Our goal with these social media services is to make it easier to share information – for us to share news and updates with you, and to give you more options for communicating with us. If you’ve got something to say and you’re on Facebook or Twitter, post on our wall or message us! To keep current with what’s happening at Eggzy or in the world of local, sustainable or urban ag, ‘like’ us on Facebook,’ follow’ us on Twitter or subscribe to our News Feed. And starting last week, now you can post your flock photos on Eggzy’s Home page by joining our Flickr Group.

Why a Flickr Group?

Flickr’s one of the top photo sharing tools on the web. It’s feature-rich and has a large user base, including many professional photographers. What’s more, many of you are already using it to share your flock photos on your Egg Stands. By joining the Eggzy Flickr Group, you can now have your flock photos included on our Home page.

Eggzy Home Page

Joining the Eggzy Flickr group is easy, just sign into Flickr and go to Once there, just click on the ‘Join this group’ link, and you’re done!

From then on, when you’d like to share a photo of your flock on the Eggzy Home page, just go to Flickr, click on the photo you’d like to share, select ‘Add to a group’ from the ‘Actions’ menu and choose the Eggzy Group. For more on using Flick Groups, check out Flickr Help.

As always, we’d love to hear from you, our fellow flock owners. So ‘friend us’, ‘tweet’ us and/or join us online and let us know what you think, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you.


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