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Flock Owners: How to get the most out of Eggzy

Recently, we’ve been working hard to build awareness and demand for Eggzy (see links below). We’ve seen great enthusiasm and support from all over, and we mean all over, including blog posts and  tweets from as far away as London, Peru and Tazmania! People want fresh eggs, your fresh eggs!  So, flock owners, here’s what to do to get the most out of Eggzy:

While you’re doing that, we’ll keep spreading the word and improving Eggzy.


Treehugger – Eggzy Builds Online Roost For Backyard Chickens

Springwise – Helping Chicken Farmers Manage & Share their Eggs

Food Tech + Connect – Eggzy: Using Tech To Build a Local & Transparent Egg Economy

E-Junkie – Start-Up Of The Week: Eggzy, Manage Your Flock’s Egg Production

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