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New Flock Names Feature

A number of flock owners requested that we create a ‘Flock Name’ setting for identifying their Egg Stands instead of relying on user names. Given our goal of making the Egg Stands the place for flock owners to ‘tell their story’, we were all for it. So, as of this weekend, flock owners now have the ability to create a Flock Name, including spaces and apostrophes. To set your flock’s name, head to ‘Manage Flocks’->’Settings’, type in your new flock name, and update¬† your settings.

Flock Name Field in Manage Flock Settings screenshot










After updating, your Egg Stand listing and page will now use your new flock name. If you leave the ‘Flock Name’ name field blank, your Egg Stand will default to using the user name you used to join Eggzy.

Egg Stand Flock Name screenshot






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