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Flock Owners: How to get the most out of Eggzy

Recently, we’ve been working hard to build awareness and demand for Eggzy (see links below). We’ve seen great enthusiasm and support from all over, and we mean all over, including blog posts and  tweets from as far away as London, Peru and Tazmania! People want fresh eggs, your fresh eggs!  So, flock owners, here’s what to do to get the most out of Eggzy:

While you’re doing that, we’ll keep spreading the word and improving Eggzy.


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Springwise – Helping Chicken Farmers Manage & Share their Eggs

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E-Junkie – Start-Up Of The Week: Eggzy, Manage Your Flock’s Egg Production

Urban Farming Session at Rutgers Day

On Saturday, April 30th at 10:00 a.m., one of our favorite farmers and soil scientists will be presenting a session on “Urban Farming and Homesteading” at Rutgers Day.

Dr. Joseph Heckman, Ph.D. is a Professor of Soil Science at Rutgers University where he teaches courses in Soil Fertility, Organic Crop Production, and Agroecology.  A current research focus is on sustaining soil fertility with improvements in nutrient cycling and composting – including how backyard poultry can help improve soil fertility.  One of his hobbies is organic micro-farming; he also keeps a small flock of chickens and has been developing a chicken tractor system to integrate them into his overall management system.

We’re very grateful to Dr. Heckman for giving us some time to introduce Eggzy earlier this year at NOFA New Jersey’s Winter Conference during his session on Backyard Chickens, and we recommend everyone check out his Rutgers Day session “Urban Farming and Homesteading”. The session will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 30th at the Floriculture Greenhouse on the Cook/Douglass campus of Rutgers University.

Dr. Heckman also publishes “The Soil Profile” newsletter. His latest edition is of particular interest to backyard flock owners, focusing on nutrient management for pastured poultry.

Cool Business Model from BK Farmyards

The other day I got an email update from Just Food’s City Chicken Meetup Group in NYC – a notice from BK Farmyards in Brooklyn about share availability for their Egg CSA. We love the CSA concept for backyard eggs and wanted to pass it along. Seems like a model worth considering for subscribers and flock owners alike.

BK Farmyards Site Screenshot

New Flock Names Feature

A number of flock owners requested that we create a ‘Flock Name’ setting for identifying their Egg Stands instead of relying on user names. Given our goal of making the Egg Stands the place for flock owners to ‘tell their story’, we were all for it. So, as of this weekend, flock owners now have the ability to create a Flock Name, including spaces and apostrophes. To set your flock’s name, head to ‘Manage Flocks’->’Settings’, type in your new flock name, and update  your settings.

Flock Name Field in Manage Flock Settings screenshot










After updating, your Egg Stand listing and page will now use your new flock name. If you leave the ‘Flock Name’ name field blank, your Egg Stand will default to using the user name you used to join Eggzy.

Egg Stand Flock Name screenshot