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Eggzy Breed Listings Are Here

Delaware breed listing image

Although Eggzy has had a breed management system from the very beginning, we didn’t actually publish pages describing all the breeds in our system. We started out with just a dozen or so breeds, and added to it as new users joined the ranks and brought their favorites with them.

A week or two ago we took another look at the list and were surprised at the diversity of breeds Eggzy flock owners keep. With such a great mix of breeds, it seemed the time was right to put up an Eggzy breed listing to show off that diversity.

There are a few other breed listings out there – each with its own strengths. We’re not out to reinvent the wheel, just to make the basic info available in a handy format, with an Eggzy twist:

Since many Eggzy flock owners sell hatching eggs, chicks and started birds, in addition to their tasty farm-fresh eggs, we’re going to be putting together a breeder listing as well, and linking that to the new breed pages. If you’re an Eggzy flock owner selling hatching eggs, day-old or started birds, we want to link back to your Egg Stand from the appropriate breed pages as well. This way we can continue to promote small flocks in local communities.

We’ll be posting more on the breeder listings soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the new Eggzy breed listings!