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Eggzy’s on Facebook

We’ve finally gotten our Facebook page together, which you can find at We’ll be using it primarily to announce updates and events, but are also planning ways of using it to help promote Eggzy Flock Owners and Egg Stands. If you’re an Eggzy Flock Owner, send us a message with your Facebook info or ‘Like’ our page, and we’ll ‘Like’ you back.

We’re also looking into extending our badges to Facebook. In the meantime, you can link to your Egg Stand from Facebook in a couple of ways, depending on which profile version you’re using.  Merritt Poultry ( lists their Egg Stand in a link box in the left column of their profile. You can also add your Egg Stand link to your Website list under Contact Information in your profile .

Egg Stand Badges are Here

For flock owners with egg stands, we now have badges available that you can place on your blog or profile pages. Badges come in a variety of shapes and sizes and automatically link back to your egg stand. To get one, just login to Eggzy and click on the ‘Manage Flock’ menu. If you’ve made your flock public, you’ll automatically see the ‘Badges’ submenu. Just click on it and choose your favorite for your blog or profile page. My favorite’s the starburst.

Badges submenu screen shot