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Greetings from Eggzy

Today marks two weeks since the beta launch of Eggzy and we wanted to share
some of the improvements we’ve made based on your feedback.

“Help” Is Now Available

We’ve added a “Help” section to the site, which can be found
at It’s a work in progress and we’ll continue
to refine it based on feedback and new features. Start here first if you
have any questions, but, as always, if you need further assistance or would
like to submit an idea, please click on the big red “Feedback” tab on the
right side of any page on

Egg Stands

Egg Stands are the backbone of Eggzy – whether you’re a subscriber looking
for eggs, or a flock owner looking to share eggs or photos, it all starts
with the Egg Stands. If you already have a flock, creating your Egg Stand is
easy, just check out Setting Up Your Egg Stand section under “Help” on

Growing Eggzy

Thanks to all of you, Eggzy’s off to a good start, but there’s always room
for a few more friends. Know anyone who keeps chickens? Tell them to check
us out at